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MS Tours & Travel with our partner MS Tennis Academy is planning sports stays or holidays for you in one of the most beautiful country in the world, which we fell in love with and made our new home.

On the territory of this unique country, there are almost 4,000 mountains as well as both the Pacific and Caribbean coasts – with kilometers of deserted beaches, lined with coconut trees, untouched tropical jungles, spectacular sea life and coral reefs as well as numerous famous surf spots .  The mountainous and rainforest parts of the country are filled with beautiful waterfalls, volcanoes, plant species and wildlife unlike any other country in the world.  

Based on your chosen destination, treks and trips to national parks, you will observe various jungle animals such as sloths, parrots, monkeys, snakes, spiders, the famous poisonous dart frogs, toucans, iguanas and more.

Dates: by appointment throughout the year

We will create a holiday according to your ideas and requirements.

MS Tours & Travel selects above-standard accommodation in places with the highest level of security.

Get inspired: in this section we present one of the many possible holiday plans for tennis

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