Why travel with us

We create travel packages that exceeds our clients’ expectations.
Travel with us and we will prove to you that it’s never been easier, safer, or more fun!

We will plan your trip according to your instructions. The price will depend on the date you choose. Prices are always much higher if you choose a date in the high season. The main season starts with Christmas and ends with Easter. We do not recommend traveling in October, which is the peak rainy season. On the contrary, the months from May to September have lower prices and are, in our experience, our most popular period, because everything is beautifully green and there are far fewer tourists.

Based on the form you fill out, we will send you a non-binding price calculation with a travel plan, an overview of accommodation facilities and attractions. We will consult with you on everything until your trip is perfectly planned.

We can also provide travel assistance in case you need help communicating in English or Spanish.

Price for personal assistance on the road: by agreement.

We select above-standard accommodations in places with the highest level of security.

Many travelers today prefer to travel without the guidance or assistance of a professional.  This can be a problem because there are so many hidden gems throughout Costa Rica that you will not find anywhere in the travel guides. In addition, if you do not speak Spanish well, it is difficult to communicate in English in many localities.

Classic, well-known travel agencies often offer busy hotels and locations where you will not be able to appreciate the charm that Costa Rica has to offer, not to mention high prices. Believe me, this has been our experience. With us you will discover Costa Rica at 100%, according to your possibilities.

For some reason, Costa Rica is still called a Third World Country. This has not been the case for a long time. We would like to evaluate that the services are at a very high level globally, and will satisfy even the most demanding traveler.

Travel is the thing you buy that makes you richer

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