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After nine years of living abroad, my husband and I settled in our home country of the Czech Republic. Ten years later, however, we realized that the Czech Republic had not lived up to our expectations about the life we ​​wanted to live.

One day, my husband and I discussed this topic again. We talked about life and our dreams. We agreed that we would like to try to live a much more adventurous life elsewhere. Many evenings we considered the risks, pros and cons. A few months later it was decided. We flew to Costa Rica and it became a new home for us and our then three-year-old son.

We wanted to live a more modest life in a quiet place and eliminate as much stress as possible from our lives so we could live every day to the fullest. We found that life here in beautiful Costa Rica.

We had the advantage that we had often traveled in the past and spoke English well. My husband is a tennis coach and he knew that tennis was played all over the world.

Four years have passed (2021) and frankly, life in Costa Rica has changed us a lot. Maybe I’d dare say Costa Rica has made us better people. It’s hard to explain – it has to be experienced because no one could understand it otherwise. You are influenced by many perceptions that naturally change you. A different culture, language, gastronomy, new species of plants, animals, the sounds of monkeys and birds that will wake you up every morning. But what influenced us the most were the local people.

Costa Rica is one of the most harmonious places we have ever visited. Where people still smile sincerely and can rejoice in the little things. They treat each other with respect and dignity. They are not in the habit of judging or slandering anyone, and I have not encountered envy among the locals either.

Costa Rica is one of the few countries in the world that does not have an army, and that speaks for itself.

Not to mention the unspoiled and diverse natural environment, where the sun shines about 340 days a year, and you are constantly outside. The Guanacaste area where we have settled is even one of the five blue zones in the world.

We learned Spanish and our son is fluent in Spanish and English. My husband found places for training he never dreamed of. We live in a community of immigrants from all over the world, and with locals who call themselves Ticos.

The Ticos have a greeting, Pura Vida, not only between themselves, but to everyone.  Pura Vida is an expression that means “an easy and pure life” 

Most importantly, is that we finally live our lives every day thanks to our decision to move our family to this beautiful country, surrounded by beautiful people and life.

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